Sine-wave Inverter

An inverter is an electronic device that converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). A sine wave is a continuous wave that describes a smooth repetitive oscillation. Conventional AC power is produced by rotating machines and is mathematically described as a sine wave. It is the ideal waveform for the transfer of AC power with very low harmonic distortion. Pure sine wave inverters when connected to suitable battery/batteries produce power which equals or better than the power at home. It uses sophisticated technology to protect even the most sensitive electronics. It can be used for digital microwaves , televisions, fridges, computers and other electronic equipments. Pure Sine inverters can power just about any AC appliance without risk of damage.


Sine-wave Inverter is easy to install and operate. Functions are fully automatic with overload protection and auto reset, SMPS charging systems with intelligent charger cutoff for maximum battery back-up and battery life with battery over-charge and deep-discharge protection. Noiseless working of connected appliances, safe for electronic devices, computer, LED/LCD TV, etc. User friendly LCD/LED display of all vital statistics with audible buzzer indications and warnings.

Models Available with Copper and Aluminium transformer:
850VA/12VDC -
1150VA/12VDC -
1500VA/12/24VDC -
2150VA/24VDC -
2850VA/24VDC -
3500VA/36/48VDC -
4000VA/48VDC -
5000VA/48VDC -
7500VA/96VDC -
10000VA/96/120VDC -
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